What people are saying:

Your plugin has saved our volunteers countless hours of manual work trying to keep track of the kids that are signing up for the summer football camps. Out volunteers love the attendee reports generated by the tool. The enhancements you’ve made are fantastic and I know that they will love the payment status links even more. You have no idea how much time you are saving everyone with these features. No more hunting around to match up payments to registrations. No more responding to phone calls and emails from parents trying to find out if they paid their bill or not.


This has turned out the be a real lifesaver for a couple of my clients' WordPress sites. It is a fully featured tool, worth a premium (so donate, you!), and the developer is very responsive when we have issues or requests. It's always being improved, and he can turn around fixes impressively quickly.


WOW! Congratulations! What a difference! This looks beautiful and easy to use, love the multiple price feature!


My race was a huge success. A lot had to do with the ease of your registration plugin. Thank you.