A New Add-On for Event Registration

Many of you have asked about the ability to add locations once and then be able to assign them to events. Well the wait is over. We have a new module, Event Locations, which allows you to enter the locations where you host events at once into the system, and then retrieve by dropdown list selection when creating or editing events. This add-on is available for version 6.01.06 and later of the Event Registration plugin. Purchase your copy today!


A Quick Word Regarding Upgrading

Thanks for using the plugin. If you are upgrading to the latest version, it is strongly recommended that after the upgrade you Deactivate and Reactivate the plugin. Some users tables are not fully upgrading and the Deactivate/Reactivate process verifies tables and corrects errors that might occur during upgrade.

Once you upgrade, fully check all your settings. The new Setttings section is broken into tabs. Each tab has a separate SAVE button. You must save on each tab for your settings to store.




Version 6.01.01 Finally!!!

Today we released 6.01.01. This version has a number of changes and we are working on other changes, just wanted to get an update out that was stable and provided some of the newer features and bug fixes. Please check it out! Version 6.01.01


New Release Coming!

Whew! We are finally releasing an update to the Event Registration Plugin. The update will resolve several issues, most importantly the issue where the settings data would be lost on update. We have made a few improvements to the coordinator module and will also be featuring a few new modules as well.


Tips – Closing Registration prior to Event

I get alot of questions, comments and suggestions on how to handle closing the registration for an event.  This varies by every individual and every event, so I thought I would take a moment and describe how we designed the plugin to support this to best accomodate as many options as possible.

As a developer you are often challenged with designing software the meets the need of the masses, yet is taylored to meet each persons specific needs.  This is a broad yet specifi requirement.  In regards to how to close registration we have designed two primary methods.

1. Close registration based on the Start date/time of the event or on the End date/time of the event.  This is an option you check when you create your event.

2. Prevent registration based on fee availability.  By allowing fees to be available on days/times seperate from the event specific date, we can support things like Early Bird fees and Late Fees and normal fees.  With the date control you can have it set where only one fee is visible at a time.  If there are no fees available during a specific date or time, registration is closed at that time.




Another great feature of the date control on the fees is that you can create events but not have them available for registration until the day a certain fee is active.

Hope that helps.


Coordinator Module Changes and Guide

For those of you who are using version 6.00.24 or later the coordinator module now supports the ability to include the custom questions and responses in the coordinator email.  The tag for this information is [custom]. 

Download the revised user guide here for the coordinator module  CoordinatorGuide


New Release 6.00.24

Today we released version 6.00.24.  This version has a few bug fixes that have been creating problems on the registration form with certain themes and plugins.  Additionally there were a few coding errors as well.

One fix that occured in version 6.00.20 that created an issue was in the confirmation mails not showing all the tags as noted.  This has been addressed.

It is strongly recommended to deactivate and reactivate the plugin at least once after it is upgraded and activated for the first time.



Release 6.00.22

Wow.  Nothing like a new release to keep you on your toes!.  My apologies for the bugs in 6.00.20 and 6.00.21.  This should solve both issues and additionally provide a new popup window format for the calendar that should be more cross theme compatible.

Another note: Many of you have asked how to have the event details show/hide feature either default open or closed depending on the event.  I have modified the code, so that it is closed by default.  If you wish it to show open then on the event setup page, select Yes for show description on form and it will be default open.

Enjoy and thanks for the support.



Release 6.00.20 Now Available

Today we released version 6.00.20.

This release provides a few bug fixes as well as a few enhancements.
This release should resolve issues where some of you have had double postings for your registrations.
This release resolves PayPal sandbox issues.
This release adds validation to ensure attendee names are entered on the confirmation page.

Additionally we have added a new shortcode feature for those of you who wish to provide a more robust public attendee list.

[EVR_CUSTOM_ATTENDEE event_id="" custom="" template=""]

To use:
Create a page and place the shortcode on a page.
A. Place the event ID of the event you wish to display attendee list of (must be between “).
B. Place the question ID of the question you wish to display the response of. You can display multiple questions, using comma separation, i.e. “1,2,3” (must be between “).
C. The next variable does not need definition for a default layout, however if you wish to custom layout your listing, you will need to create your custom template.
D. When using a custom template, place <table>  before the shortcode and </table> after the shortcode.
IF you want to use a custom template in the template field, an example would be <tr><td>{ATTENDEES}</td><td>{QA}</td></tr>  which would display the list of attendees per registrant and any custom questions/responses.

Tags you can use are: