Tips – Closing Registration prior to Event

I get alot of questions, comments and suggestions on how to handle closing the registration for an event.  This varies by every individual and every event, so I thought I would take a moment and describe how we designed the plugin to support this to best accomodate as many options as possible.

As a developer you are often challenged with designing software the meets the need of the masses, yet is taylored to meet each persons specific needs.  This is a broad yet specifi requirement.  In regards to how to close registration we have designed two primary methods.

1. Close registration based on the Start date/time of the event or on the End date/time of the event.  This is an option you check when you create your event.

2. Prevent registration based on fee availability.  By allowing fees to be available on days/times seperate from the event specific date, we can support things like Early Bird fees and Late Fees and normal fees.  With the date control you can have it set where only one fee is visible at a time.  If there are no fees available during a specific date or time, registration is closed at that time.




Another great feature of the date control on the fees is that you can create events but not have them available for registration until the day a certain fee is active.

Hope that helps.