Release 6.00.20 Now Available

Today we released version 6.00.20.

This release provides a few bug fixes as well as a few enhancements.
This release should resolve issues where some of you have had double postings for your registrations.
This release resolves PayPal sandbox issues.
This release adds validation to ensure attendee names are entered on the confirmation page.

Additionally we have added a new shortcode feature for those of you who wish to provide a more robust public attendee list.

[EVR_CUSTOM_ATTENDEE event_id="" custom="" template=""]

To use:
Create a page and place the shortcode on a page.
A. Place the event ID of the event you wish to display attendee list of (must be between “).
B. Place the question ID of the question you wish to display the response of. You can display multiple questions, using comma separation, i.e. “1,2,3” (must be between “).
C. The next variable does not need definition for a default layout, however if you wish to custom layout your listing, you will need to create your custom template.
D. When using a custom template, place <table>  before the shortcode and </table> after the shortcode.
IF you want to use a custom template in the template field, an example would be <tr><td>{ATTENDEES}</td><td>{QA}</td></tr>  which would display the list of attendees per registrant and any custom questions/responses.

Tags you can use are: