Changes, Changes, Changes!

Welcome to our new URL.   As our product has grown in popularity we have had to slow down and fine tune things.  Sometimes things  get a bit messy with rapid growth, so we are taking a little time to do some cleanup, code revisions and address a few compliance issues.  These things do not represent any security or product problems for you, our customer, but does affect how we are published in the site.  So we are gladly making the changes and look for increased popularity (and support!) for our product.

Our product has had tremendous growth over the last year, more than it first three years combined.  Your generous donations and support have allowed us to invest in development.   Also I would like to say thanks to all of you wonderful users who have given us ideas, suggestions and pointed out bugs.  We believe our product has grown by leaps and bounds in a positive way.  Your contributions in our forum have been invaluable, as well  we hope the forum has been a help to you in finding solutions.

Over the next couple of months we will be striving to provide some product improvements, site and forum improvements and increased support.  So stay tuned and check back frequently.

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